«Changing lives through education» is the slogan of the Varkey Foundation, which annually holds the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai.

Main event of the Forum is awarding of the Global Teacher Prize in the amount of US $ 1 million. After taking part in the Forum, the Fund for development of socially significant initiatives has observed that the Global Teacher Prize is a response to the issue of decline in respect to the teaching profession, in relation to this a Memorandum of Understanding was concluded with the Varkey Foundation.

A decision was made to integrate the «Teacher of Kazakhstan» National Award within the «Best educator» State Competition. Annually, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan holds the «Best educator» State Competition. Selection shall be carried out in accordance with the eligibility criteria, established by the Varkey Foundation. For the first time ever, PricewaterhouseCoopers shall take part in audit, evaluation and testing of the selection process, and carry out an in-depth screening of the 10 shortlisted candidates, with regard to credibility and background, in order to select the Winner of the «Teacher of Kazakhstan» National Award.

«For the first time ever, Kazakhstan will be an official
participant of the Global Forum in 2020»

- from the letter of agreement on cooperation

On May 23, 2019 a Memorandum on Cooperation was signed with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for joint implementation of annual «Best educator» State Competition.

Within the Memorandum, the Ministry undertakes to provide support to the Competition from the public, including social networks, mass media, as well as organization and briefing of the final part, awards ceremony, as well as to ensure participation of the management of the Ministry in the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai.

Awards ceremony shall be carried out in the first Saturday of October and is timed to coincide with the Teacher's day, on which the Winner of the «Teacher of Kazakhstan» Award shall be announced and the prize in the amount of US $ 10,000 shall be awarded.

We hope that the Award will become a project which will create a communication platform for the purpose of increasing of the social status of teachers in the society. Organizers of the Award state that the respect, reward and honouring are the main priorities. Purpose of the Award is to inspire suitable candidates for engaging in educational activities.

“Teacher of Kazakhstan” National Award

For identification of outstanding contribution to the profession, candidates for the «Teacher of Kazakhstan» National Award shall be evaluated in accordance with the strict set of criteria of the Varkey Foundation. An Independent Academy shall review compliance with the following conditions:


Recognition of the teacher's achievements by students, colleagues, school principals and members of the wider community, in the classroom and beyond;


Implementation of innovative and effective teaching practices;


Achieiving visible learning outcomes in the classroom;


Preparing children to become global citizens, ready for interactions with people of different religions, cultures and nationalities;


Achievements in the community beyond the classroom, which ensure unique and outstanding examples of excellence in the teaching profession, etc.;


Encouraging other educators to participate in teaching activities. Participation in public discourse on teaching profession, whether by writing articles, blogs or articles in mass media, as well as participating in conferences ;


Recognition of the teacher by the government, national educational organizations, school principals, colleagues, representatives of other communities or students.

Alongside with the aforementioned criteria, each of the 64 finalists of the competition, chosen by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for awarding of the title «Best educator» must present the following to the judging academy:

A video (see the requirements for the video clip below);

A creative one-page essay, in А4 format (Times New Roman font, 1 spacing interval), on the topic «What is your idea of the “Global Teacher”?»

Briefly explore the following themes (a single А4 format page to answer all the questions):


Tell us about the historical figures, who serve as an inspiration to you and who you discuss with children in the classroom. (philosophers, politicians, artists, educators, spiritual leaders, philanthropists, etc.)


Provide examples of your actions, leading to an increase in status of teaching in your school (district/region/country)?


Tell us how your family influenced you and your approach to children?


How to foster virtuous and generous qualities in an individual?


Who is at fault for academic underperformance of a child and why? (school, parents or the child)


Topic of the clip: «The School of the Heart».

Content: Considering that the topic is of a generalized philosophical character, each participant shall express their ideas and thoughts on the proposed topic, based on their own worldview, perspective, approach and vision.

Video clips, compliant with the topic of the competition, shot (created) by any available means shall be accepted for participation.

Requirements to the video clip:

1. Video format: DVD, MPEG4;

2. Minimum video clip resolution – 720x480 (cm 12:8);

3. Video clip length – 1 minute;

4. Video clips shall incorporate an informative thumbnail containing the name of the author;

5. Use of specialized software and equipment during editing and shooting of the video clip is at the discretion of the participant;

6. Video clip genre – monologue;

7. The clip can incorporate photos, video snippets, special effects, background music;

8. Video clips of promotional character, defamatory and offensive, or not compliant with the topic of the competition are not accepted for participation in the competition.

Judges of the Award

The Independent Judging Academy shall consist of 30 individuals:

- representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- representatives of non-governmental organizations;

- independent experts in the areas of education, culture and science;

- representatives of the Fund for development of socially significant initiatives;

- philanthropists of the country, representatives of the parental community, active social network users, in order to extend the awareness of the general public about the “Teacher of Kazakhstan” National Award.

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